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We provide Chimney Cleaning, Repair and Level 1, 2 and 3 Visual and Video Safety Inspections – Complete Masonry and UL Listed Stainless Steel Relining Systems – Brick, Block and Stone Repair and Replacement – Crown Repair and Replacement – Tuck Pointing and Waterproofing – Chimney Caps, Screens, Top Mount Dampers and Chase Covers – Downdraft Problem Solving and Solutions – Animal Trapping and Removal – Dryer Vent Cleaning

Masonry and Prefabricated Chimneys, Fireplaces and Furnaces – Gas, Wood and Pellet Burning Fireplace Stoves and Inserts – Hearth Accessory Sales, Installation and Servicing

Residential and Commercial rebuilding and restoration experts

Skilled HVAC, electrical and plumbing technicians on staff

Insurance and Real Estate Professional Discounts – Need a last minute inspection or repairs on a closing? Special scheduling arrangements can usually be made to meet your deadline

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